As the water flows


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  • 14,4 Km
  • Medium

This walk "along the water" runs along both banks of the river Rance. Departing from Lanvallay, the route runs along the right bank of the river Rance, until reaching the Châtelier lock, which marks the boundary with the maritime Rance. After crossing the Rance, the walk continues along the left bank on the towpath, going upstream to the port of Dinan.

A magnificent overview of the banks of the Rance is offered throughout the hike, with the site of the old river and its ancient meander, with the old barred spur and the village of Vicomté-sur-Rance, then the port of Lyvet, as well as the Hisse site in Saint-Samson-sur-Rance.

Visit idea: at the start of the walk, the Maison de la Rance, a nature house, is worth a visit to soak up the history and natural riches of the Rance valley.

Please note: this route is passable in all seasons but make sure you wear good shoes. In rainy weather, the trails can be slippery.


As the water flows