When you hear the word coastline, you immediately think of beaches and here that means fine, golden sand.

With no less than 26 sandy beaches, everyone will have their favourite. We’ve selected a few below that are guaranteed to have you spellbound.

Fancy watching the sun go down? Then head for a beach facing west and given the number of Dinan-Cap Fréhel beaches, you’re bound to find just the right spot. Whether you’re near Sables D’Or les Pins and its Grève du Minieu, close to Pléhérel-Plage and Anse du Croc or in Saint-Cast-Le Guildo, which boasts La Pissotte, Les 4 Vaulx, La Fresnaye and La Fosse beaches, you’ll be sure to find the beach you’re looking for! But Saint-Jacut-de- la-Mer is not to be outdone either. It is known as the peninsula with 11 beaches and you’ll find a few west-facing ones like Vauvert, Le Ruet and Les Haas… Whichever one you choose, don’t forget your camera so you can capture the magical moment! Be sure to pack the cool box and your favourite tipple too so you can sip on an apéritif* as the sun sets.

La grève du Minieu - Sables d'Or les Pins

Plage de la Fresnaye - Saint-Cast-Le Guildo

Lagune - Sables D'Or Les Pins

Looking for something more peaceful and relaxing? Then go for one of the small coves or hidden beaches off the beaten track. Yes, you may need to walk a bit. And we’ll let you hunt down these treasures alone. We’re not going to share all our insider knowledge!!

Some of our beaches are also perfect for shore fishing and rock pooling, for instance La Fosse in Fréhel, Les 4 Vaulx in Saint-Cast-Le Guildo and Le Rougeret in Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer where, at very low tides, you can cross to the Ebihens archipelago on foot. Set off on an adventure with your bucket and net! But be careful you don’t get cut off by the tide on the way back!

If you just want to lie back on your towel and relax while your children play in the sand or are busy in children’s clubs, head for the Grande Plage in Saint-Cast-Le Guildo, which is ideally situated on the sea front.

Grande Plage - Saint-Cast-Le Guildo

The beaches are also perfect for alfresco dining. While you can picnic on any of them, some offer particularly magical backdrops, like Les Ebihens beach in Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer, which can only be reached on foot at low tide, otherwise you’ll need to take a boat.

It’s perfectly safe for swimming too, if a little bracing! Do what the locals do and wait for the tide to come in. The sand will have warmed up in the sun and the water won’t feel quite so chilly!

In short, you’ll never tire of these wonderful beaches and seascapes whether you set off with your swimming kit, fishing net or your camera!

*Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Drink in moderation.

Les Ebihens - Saint-Jacut de la Mer

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