Departmental Sensitive Natural Area

Hazardière sensitive natural area

The Quiou


    Remembrance of the sea of ​​faluns which extended over the region 15 million years ago, the basement of Le Quiou offers a limestone geological formation, rare in Brittany. The many quarries have provided "the gauge stone", the identity building material of the Pays des faluns and a "sand", long exploited for the amendment of agricultural land.

    The General Council of Côtes d'Armor has been pursuing a policy of preservation and enhancement of Sensitive Natural Areas since 1973.
    Its aim is to protect and manage remarkable natural sites, to develop them to open them to the public, to make them places of awareness of the environment and eco-citizenship.
    Under this policy, in 2011 the Department acquired the Faluns site, located in the Commune of Le Quiou.

    The site is open to the public, it is connected to the greenway and the old quarries of the Rue Haute by a hiking loop.


    Hazardière sensitive natural area
    The hazardiere
    22630 Le Quiou