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Johann Dubois - Breton chocolatier


About Us

    Chocolatier by passion but also by gluttony.

    For Johann Dubois, demanding the best quality means using exceptional products and taking the time to select remarkable raw materials.
    More than chocolates, his creations carry a message. They are inspired by his encounters with passionate producers or suppliers, the history and quality of the products, the way they are grown, his convictions.

    This architect of flavors immerses us in gourmet universes around fruits, spices, caramel, ganaches, pralines and Breton terroir.

    In his shop as elegant as his creations, you will discover his range of chocolates, tablets, spreads and snacks.

    Visit the merchant site to discover his creations.

    ​​Spoken Languages:
    • Français
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    Johann Dubois - Breton chocolatier
    20 Pl. Duclos
    22100 Dinan