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About us

    Your “Home” reflects your personality. Highlight its elegance!

    "If the SUN enters the house, it is a little in your heart" (Le Corbusier, architect, decorator, artist).

    Together, let's base ourselves on your tastes and your intuition to "SUNNY" your interior on the Emerald Coast, thus creating a WARM atmosphere and living fully at home!

    “Very cozy”… and then “enjoy” (enjoy)!

    Whether it's one room, two rooms or more, a light touch of nine or a major renovation, we listen to you, then realize your wishes while respecting the spirit of your " home", of its environment and this, within the limit of your budget.

    We offer three services:

    You want to renovate your interior. You want to adapt it to your new living conditions. You want to do everything yourself and you need ideas, a common thread. We offer for 200 euros including tax a one and a half hour formula on site with you including a small written report.

    You want a complete service: we take care of all the operations to carry out these arrangements. From the reflection with you, the suggestions relating to the various aspects of the project, the study of the estimates of the local providers, the coordination of the speakers, until the regular follow-up of the concretization of the project and the final control of its good execution.

    If you wish to sell or rent your property, we can make proposals to you to make it more attractive and thus obtain a better selling price or a higher rent thanks to well-chosen modifications corresponding to the taste of the greatest number. This is our ADVERTISING service!

    And life is even more beautiful! Full of sunshine...

    In any case, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email!

    Brigitte Burnand

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    Home elegance decoration advice
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