A pink sandstone castle set upon a rocky cape… A fabulous, magical setting overlooking the sea

A stunning site, breathtaking views and an outstanding building… Fort La Latte is always showered with praise and it is not surprising that it is the most visited castle in Brittany!

A stunning site…

Fort La Latte is a coastal defence fortress with a clear view of the English Channel and the Emerald Coast. It is naturally hard-to-access and thanks to its strategic location, English armies in the past laid siege but never succeeded in capturing it!

Breathtaking views…

Head towards the entrance of the fortress and, as you advance, a spectacular sight will come into view – a rocky cape topped with a feudal castle. Once inside, glimpse through all the openings, admire all the angles and soak up the views! Brave the keep steps (which are not for the light-hearted) and follow in the footsteps of many a famous actor. From the top, the expression “breathtaking view” takes on all its meaning and you’ll get a real sense of freedom.

The fortress has been a backdrop for many films, including The Vikings with Tony Curtis and Kirk Douglas in 1958, and it featured in the closing scene of Chouans! starring Lambert Wilson and Sophie Marceau.

An outstanding building overlooking La Fresnaye bay!

Le Fort La Latte

Fort La Latte, which was originally called Château de la Roche Goyon after the man who built it Etienne Goyon, Lord of Matignon, dates from the 14th century. With authorisation from his suzerain, Goyon was able to fortify the castle and received the necessary means to do so. Vauban later stepped in and turned the castle into a coastal defence fortress between 1690 and 1715.

Now one of the most famous Breton strongholds, Fort La Latte has been listed as a historical monument since 1925. Since 1931, it has been restored and maintained by the Joüon des Longrais family, who have retained all its features (drawbridge, walls, keep, dungeon, war machines and mediaeval garden), much to the delight of its visitors.

Le Bélier du Fort La Latte

Vue du donjoon

L'entrée du Fort La Latte

Don’t miss the Médiévales du Fort La Latte summer festival!

Every August, the fortress plays host to mediaeval stallholders, jousting tournaments, falconry displays and shows.

les Médiévales du Fort La Latte

Lés Médiévales du Fort La Latte

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