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Léhon, Small Town of Character … of brittany

You know Dinan? Great! Travel a little further south to Léhon, just 2 kilometres away.

Head off in the car, or alternatively follow the towpath on foot or by bike.

You’ll get a different view of this Small Town of Character depending on your chosen route. From the road, you’ll get a glimpse of the ruins of the feudal castle, set on its rocky outcrop and overlooking the abbey and the houses in the old town. The oldest record of this castle, built to defend the Rance Valley, dates back to 1034. The features you see today date from the 13th century and the towers and curtain walls have recently been restored.

It’s a bit of a climb to the castle but you’ll be rewarded with a stunning view! You’ll be on top of the world… well, the Rance Valley at least, now it’s time to come back down to earth.

Château - Léhon

Château - Léhon

Château - Léhon


You set off on foot or by bike? Then you won’t need more than 30 minutes to reach the small town. Via the left bank, you’ll pass close to the swimming pool in the centre of town and via the right bank, you’ll come to the beautiful, old bridge. Either way, you’ll enjoy the trip along the banks of the Rance.


While on the subject of Léhon, special mention must be made to its architectural treasures, particularly its old bridge. It was built between the 15th and 16th centuries on the site of an old ford where the ancient route between Corseul and Rennes crossed the river Rance. You’ll also be able to cross the river by car but be careful, only one vehicle at a time and it’s one way!

Snap, snap… you won’t be able to resist taking a couple of pictures!

Vieux pont - Léhon

La Rance - Léhon

the abbey of saint-magloire, Léhon

So you came along the right bank … can you see the large gardens and beautiful building? That’s Saint-Magloire Abbey. It features a small summer house, teetering on the river bank, and a secret passageway for the monks. Learn all about its history and be privy to some more amusing tales on one of the guided tours.

Livret Visites Guidées 2018

Within the abbey itself, you can admire the abbey church, cloister, refectory and gardens. Peace and quiet reign here and it’s not surprising that the monks moved here in the 9th century and founded the abbey.

Eleusis Mégara sings the praises of the abbey in her blog, which is peppered with beautiful photos of the site.

Abbaye St Magloire - Léhon

Eglise Abbatiale - Léhon

Cloître Abbaye St Magloire - Léhon

Léhon, a Small Town of Character, can pride itself on its charming old town, cobbled streets and ornate façades. Stroll down the alleyways and marvel at the tiny front doors, each one prettier than the last. It’s no good being tall here though as you have to duck to set foot inside!


Bourg - Léhon

If you feel like a swim, the heated outdoor pool set on the banks of the Rance is quite an experience! Imagine yourself in the pool in autumn (or even winter) with steam rising from the water, the shimmering lights of the town and the view over Saint-Magloire Abbey… a magical moment in an outstanding setting!

Ready to lose yourself in the streets of this small, characterful town?

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