Around the maritime Arguenon


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  • 13,7 Km
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This hike explores the maritime part of the Arguenon, which presents the wealth of both natural and built heritage, linked to the particular ecosystem of the estuary.

Departing from the Château du Guildo, after reaching the other bank and skirting the Bellenray arm of the sea, the loop takes the coastal path along the Arguenon estuary upstream (left bank). The path deviates from it to go up towards the chapel of Saint Pierre in Saint-Lormel. Before turning towards the bridge (road), you can reach the old town of Saint-Lormel where there is a parish enclosure made up of a very old church, whose portal and its finely carved decoration will be admired.

After crossing the Arguenon, the route continues towards the town of Créhen, along the river. We take the Kilmore Quay alley then the O'Murphy alley (old railway line). After the village of La Ménardais, the Allée d'Irlande joins the departmental road D786 (be careful when crossing it). A path leads up to the Guildo castle, which is worth a visit.

On the way back, a detour to the dolmen of the town of Génouhan in Créhen is a must to discover this witness to the ancient occupation of these places.

Please note: on this route along the banks of the Arguenon, the water levels due to the tides can greatly modify the conditions of passage on the path, and even submerge it. Vigilance is imperative and we will take care to find out about the conditions and tide times before leaving. In case of high tide, an alternative path is possible, following the road passing next to the chapel of St Pierre.

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Around the maritime Arguenon
Guildo Castle
22130 Crehen