Nautical paddle trip in the Sables-d'Or lagoon



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The Nautical Center of Fréhel organizes accompanied nautical trips (qualified nautical guide) in paddle to discover the lagoon of Sables-d'Or.

The paddle is a machine perfectly suited to the discovery of natural environments: silent and discreet, it allows you to approach the shore and slip into a trickle of water and have a low impact on the environment.

From the beach of Les Sables-d'Or-les-Pins, you reach the dune spit which you go around to enter the lagoon. Protected as a Côtes-d'Armor “Sensitive Natural Spaces”, this 5 ha natural space is a transition zone between sea and land. It constitutes a very rich natural environment, specific to maritime marshes, in terms of flora and fauna.
Partly closed by the dune spit, the lagoon is subject to the effect of the tides and fills and empties with each tide, creating very changing landscapes.

The outings (2 hours) are organized according to a schedule. No particular technical level to participate. Information and booking: Fréhel nautical centre. Such. 02 96 41 55 47.

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Nautical paddle trip in the Sables-d'Or lagoon
Equinox Roundabout
22240 Frehel


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