Nature trip in the Land of the Faluns

The Quiou

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  • 4,7 Km
  • Easy

Start your journey near the greenway, which will take you to astonishing landscapes, between testimonies of the past and unexpected natural formations!

Starting from the church, this walk follows a section of the old railway line, rehabilitated as a greenway (n°3 Saint-Malo/Rhuys), to discover the heritage of this pretty town in the "Country of Faluns".

This appellation is due to the sea of ​​faluns, which bathed Brittany in the Miocene (- 15 million years) and which left behind a shell deposit used in construction and agriculture... To find out more, Less than 2 km from the circuit, La Maison des Faluns, located in Tréfumel, opens its doors to allow you to discover a unique heritage linked to the local geology. In its playful discovery area, young and old are invited to experience an “Odyssey in the Sea of ​​Faluns”.


Nature trip in the Land of the Faluns
22630 Le Quiou