In the footsteps of Mathurin: from grain to bread


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Discovery tour in Plurien and the Islet valley

Let's go for the "Mathurin, from grain to bread" circuit, which allows you to independently discover the riches and heritage of the Islet valley, located between the towns of Plurien and Erquy.

Designed with numerous local partners in a participatory manner, this heritage discovery tool is available from our partners. The circuit, consisting of a bag with 10 activities, a map and a practical booklet, can be borrowed from the Hôtel Le Bon Cap or Camping Les Salines, located in Plurien. Discreet tracking beacons complete this system which allows everyone to spend unforgettable moments in the company of Mathurin and his family!

They will help you discover life around the Islet valley from the beginning of the 60th century until the XNUMXs: agriculture, mills, the richness of the marshes, the heritage of the village of Plurien, life in the village, its church and its flour mill

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In the footsteps of Mathurin: from grain to bread
Hotel Le Bon Cap, town of Plurien or Camping “Les Salines”
22240 Plurian