Dinan-Léhon - The green belt of Dinan


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If the medieval city of Dinan has been surrounded by ramparts since the Middle Ages, the city is as a whole surrounded by vegetation, thus forming a "green belt".
This 10 km loop invites you to explore the city of Art and History and the Small City of Character of Léhon, by going around it. From the Château de Dinan to the Ille-et-Rance canal and the port of Dinan, the walk alternates between natural and urban landscapes, where the witnesses of the different eras that have shaped Dinan are revealed. A few climbs along the way offer magnificent views.

Starting from the castle, the walk descends towards Léhon, "Little City of Character", then follows the banks of the Rance towards Dinan, whose quays we follow until the start of the towpath. The route then deviates from the Rance to go up towards the city through the valley of the Fontaine des Eaux and continues to the historic center. Take the time to visit the monuments and museums of the City of Art and History and Léhon.

A beautiful walk between urban and natural landscapes, which will be enriched by the visit of monuments and museums on the way.

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Dinan-Léhon - The green belt of Dinan
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