Corseul in Roman times


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Former Gallo-Roman capital of the Coriosolites in the 1st century AD, Corseul conceals vestiges of this period.

This discovery walk of the heritage of Corseul can be done in two stages, depending on the desired walking time. A discovery of the town of Corseul, and, as an extension, the discovery of the remains of the Temple of Mars, 3 km from the town.

A little bit of history
The war of conquest of Gaul, undertaken from 58 to 51/50 BC, by Julius Caesar, led to colonization and marked the beginning of the “Roman peace”. The Emperor Augustus organized Gaul into several provinces, divided into districts: the civitates, which corresponded to the layouts of the territories of the Gauls. Each territory erects its capital, and for the Coriosolites, it will be Corseul!
The city of Coriosolites developed and its population was then estimated at around 5 inhabitants.

Immerse yourself in this era by following in the footsteps of the Romans.

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Corseul in Roman times
Mars Temple Street
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