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Accessible walk - Parc du Pré Rolland


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  • 0,9 Km
  • Easy

A 1,3 hectare park, decorated with flower beds, very beautiful trees, a pond and children's play areas with a breathtaking view of the pretty houses of Plancoët perched on the hillside. What makes this very pleasant place so charming is the low-angle view of the houses spread out along the slope of the hillside. The writer
Chateaubriand, whose uncle lived a few hundred meters from here, called it “his amphitheater”. Going around the park, you will see on the opposite side of the river two old wash houses, the last witnesses of the wash houses and clothes dryers once frequented by plancoëtines.

The direction of circulation is naturally following the path, all around the ponds. You can shorten the route by taking the path that passes in the middle of the two.

Accessibility type:
• Manual or electric chair
• Person with walking difficulty or fatigue
• Accompanied visually impaired
• Accompanied blind person
• Stroller

Nature of the covering: compacted stabilized sand

Find all the practical information in the PDF document for download.


Accessible walk - Parc du Pré Rolland
22130 Plancoet