A medieval citadel located at the bottom oh the Rance estuary which opens into the Côte d’Emeraude between Dinard and Saint-Malo, Dinan is still completely surrounded by its ramparts, the largest and oldest in Brittany.

  • N°1 : Tracing the centuries in stone

Stroll through the historic center and discover the diversity of the half-timbered houses (featuring overhanging eaves, porches and windowed facades) as well as the beautiful “hotels”, private town houses built in the 18th century by wealthy local families. Discover daily life in Dinan from the Middle Ages to the present day.

  • N° 2 : Walking back in time from harbour to medieval castel

Make your way to the town up the famous “rue du Jerzual” and once inside the ramparts, take time to admire the granite and half-timbered buildings lining the streets and squares.

  • N°3 : Tour of the ramparts

Our guide will show you towers that are normally closed to the public, allowing you to explore three centuries of military architecture of the late middle ages.

Duration : 1h30/2h00.
Time : All year on demand.

Rue de l'Horloge - Dinan

Jardin Anglais - Dinan

Rue du Jerzual - Dinan

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  • Supplement foreign language : + 10€ per guide.
  • Visits provided in French, English, German, Spanish and Italian.

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