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We meet with friends for a morning of hike in the heart of Cap Fréhel ! Armed with our camera, we set off on the famous GR 34 which connects Cap Fréhel and Fort la Latte !

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The customs trail: the favorite GR of the French in 2018

If we have already explored several hiking trails in Brittany, this time, we are launching an assault on the GR34 (also called customs trail) in the early morning. Many hikers have told us that the morning lights are well worth waking up to, even on a Sunday…

The program promises to be perfect: about 1h15 walk to reach the Fort La Latte i.e. 2h30 of walk in the middle of nature! What a great way to wake up… Camera in hand, our goal for the morning is to find the spots where to capture the most beautiful photos at sunrise!

To know about the hiking route from Cap Fréhel to Fort La Latte:
  • 4,7 km to Fort La Latte
  • 2h30 round trip, not including breaks
  • Bring good walking shoes, water bottle and hat (few shaded areas)
  • The trail is not recommended for young children and is inaccessible for strollers and people with reduced mobility.


Spot 1

Cap Fréhel lighthouse

To join the customs trail, head for the Cap Frehel lighthouse where we leave the car in the car park (paid all year round).

First stop at the foot of Lighthouse who keeps the cape point ! One word: exceptional! With the magical colors of the rising sun, the photo of the lighthouse and the horizon is worthy of a postcard…

If it's a little too early to climb to the top of the Cap Fréhel lighthouse, this first spot gives us a good taste of what awaits us!

The Storytellers
📸 What to photograph from the Cap Fréhel lighthouse?
  •  Fort La Latte
  •  The coast as far as Pléhérel Plage on one side and as far as Saint-Cast on the other
💡 What to know about the Cap Fréhel lighthouse:
  • Parking is chargeable (3 euros for 3 hours of parking)
  • Public toilets at the entrance
  • The lighthouse is usually open from April to October. The opening hours of the Cap Fréhel lighthouse vary regularly depending on the month and the season. The easiest thing is to check the schedules a few days/weeks before coming!
  • Prices: €3 (adults); €1,50 (7-14 years old); free (- 7 years old)
The Storytellers Agency
A. Lamouerux
The Storytellers Agency
Spot 2

The cliffs of Cap Fréhel

Lovers of nature walks and budding photographers, the hike along Cap Fréhel is splendid! We witness the awakening of nature as the sun rises… As a bonus, the wild scenery is ours alone… A real journey rejuvenating to live in Brittany !

As we walk, we observe breathtaking panoramas! Between the pink sandstone cliffs 70 meters high overlooking the sea, the shades of the steep coast, the shades of yellow, purple and pink of the flowering heather... It's a mosaic of colors to photograph! We sometimes see the small creeks below the cliff…

What we particularly like in the morning is the absolute calm of the place, pierced by the sound of the waves crashing on the cliffs... This hike to Cap Fréhel transports us thousands of kilometers from here and (almost) reminds us of the scenery of Ireland!

📸 What to photograph from the cliffs of the coast?
  • The beach
  • The tip of Cap Fréhel
⏰ When to take the most beautiful photos?
  •  In spring and summer – fauna and flora to observe
  • At sunrise – the orange colors
  • By storm – capture the most beautiful images of the raging sea on the rocky headlands
Simon Bourcier
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Spot 3

The ornithological reserve

After rounding the tip of Cap Fréhel, we stop at the level of the La Fauconnière ornithological reserve : a place that every bird lover should know.

In summer or spring, remember to take the binoculars: this is when the local fauna comes to the fore! Observers will be able to admire guillemotstorda penguinsherring gulls or alternatively northern fulmars, white seabirds!

Emilie Revel
📸 What to photograph from La Fauconnière ornithological reserve?

 - Seabird colonies
 - The plunging cliffs

Storytellers Agency
Florence Brivot
Florence Brivot
Spot 4

Fort La Latte

As a real guide during our hike, the Fort La Latte is now only a few meters away from us. You must have already heard of this famous fortress, it is one of the symbols of Brittany !
At the foot of the Fort, you will better understand why the monument is classified as historic! Now that we're here, it's impossible to turn around without climb to the top of Fort La Latte: an essential visit to do with the family !  

That's good, we intend to! the Fort opens its doors from 10:30 am in summer : we take the opportunity to take a break in the countryside and organize a wild breakfast... While capturing new shots of the horizon, the boats and the Cap Fréhel lighthouse in the background...

The Storytellers
📸 What to photograph from Fort La Latte?
  •  Cap Frehel
  • Cap Fréhel lighthouse
To sleep near Cap Fréhel, here are the addresses to know:
💡 To know about Fort La Latte:
  • As with the lighthouse, the opening hours of Fort La Latte vary depending on the month and the season. The easiest thing is to check the schedules a few days/weeks before coming! Since April 1, Fort La Latte opens its doors at 10:30 a.m.
  • Prices: €7,20 (adults); €6 (students, schoolchildren, job seekers); €4,80 (children aged 5 to 12)
  • Possibility of guided tours of Fort La Latte in summer
Loic Lagarde
The Storytellers

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PRAUD - July 10, 2020
holidays this summer in Erquy, can't wait to visit the surroundings.

Leaflet - October 22, 2019
Thank you for this program, we are going there next week.

  • Emily - October 23, 2019
    Hello, If this can help you or give you ideas, that's the goal :-) See you soon on the Dinan-Cap Fréhel destination.
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