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3 getaways to Dinan Cap Fréhel!

Off season weekend

Who said there was nothing to do Britain off-season? It's the ideal time to take a breath of invigorating air and who knows, for the bravest... swim in water at 10°! 🥶 We know you're already dreaming of your next summer, but a winter trip to Dinan Cap Fréhel will warm your hearts, we promise!

Here are 3 themes of off-season getaways concocted just for you (the class 😎). Just to prove to you that the end of summer does not rhyme with calamity! All you have to do is put on the moon boots, pack your bags, and off you go! 

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dinan city center - medieval city

Historical getaway: back to the Middle Ages!

Hey hey! 📢 Who says off-season stay, also says change of scenery! We're taking you on a journey through time... Be reassured, you won't be asked to put on the period outfit! 😅 Whatever...

Whether you're a history buff or not, we're not going to lie to each other, the architecture and monuments of yesteryear always have a ✨Wow ✨ effect. 

So follow us in our time machine… You won't be disappointed! 

The ride of happy people 🎶

To begin your historical expedition, we can only advise you a visit to the medieval city of Dinan. This little architectural gem (one of our favorites, we're not going to lie to each other 🤭) will surprise you from every point of view as there are so many things to discover there! Its history, its monuments full of character and even its houses are matched only by their beauty and authenticity. Stéphane Bern better watch out! 

Well, we're not going to say too much so as not to spoil the surprise for you...

Here is an idea of ​​your historical walk, in addition to your visit to Dinan 👇

📍 Departure: Port of Dinan 

👉 Management: Léhon 

🏁 Arrival: Small town of Léhon 

👀 Keep your eyes peeled! Great discoveries await you on your way. 🏰

dinan city center - medieval city
Bo'M tea room

A walk digs in! And because you shouldn't die of hunger, take a gourmet break at literary café Dos Hermanas ! Whatever your team (tea, chocolate or coffee), warm up with a steaming drink in this cozy setting that we love so much! All accompanied by little sweets, of course. 😋

On the menu: cuisine as elegant as it is comforting

We continue on our momentum of meals and for the evening, direction LE CANTORBERY, one of the culinary institutions of Dinan! This restaurant welcomes you in a typical Breton setting in the heart of the medieval city of Dinan. Between smell and flavor, enjoy by the fire some good little dishes simmered with love, just like at home! ❤️ It's a guaranteed 5 star! ⭐️

Discover Canterbury!  

Castle life, you say?

To end the day in style, the appointment is set: accommodation full of character in the heart of the medieval city. In a friendly and authentic atmosphere, the privileged moments with your loved ones also extend during your evening. Choose the hotel or guesthouse made for you in Dinan. It's THE time to bring out your most beautiful toupee socks! 🧦

Discover the hotels and bed and breakfasts in Dinan!


Alexandre Lamoureux

Bucolic getaway: colchique in the meadows 

Notice to lovers of nature, calm and disconnection. Far from the hustle and bustle of your daily life: metro, work, sleep, we offer you a little country stay! HAVE A BREAK*, have “a stay in Dinan Cap Fréhel”! 

Going off-season is also an opportunity to take a romantic break, far from any concerns. That's good, Dinan is full of ideas for a romantic stay, closer to nature. 🍃

*Take a break


Discoveries for two in Corseul 

After the Middle Ages, head for the Roman Empire, within the mysterious remains of Corseul! After strolling through the town, extend your bucolic walk to the ruins of the Temple of Mars and Clos Mulon. Then reach the ruins of Château de Montafilan, located on a steep hill and surrounded by two deep valleys. An expanse of greenery as far as the eye can see! Isn't it beautiful?  

For an unusual visit: discover the Temple of Mars in augmented reality: At the foot of the ruins of the Temple of Mars on the Haut-Bécherel site, free visit, browse the site using a smartphone or tablet and visualize the building as it was more than 1800 years ago! Audios, videos and games to experience heritage while having fun!

Temple of Mars in Corseul

Application : "Temple of Mars 3D" - on the Haut-Bécherel site (free download on smartphones and tablets "Apple store and Play Store")

If Roman remains are not your cup of tea, be tempted by a gentle afternoon of fishing at the Val de Gravel pond in Corseul. Between two takes, let yourself be guided by the slight lapping of the water and the movement of the fish. An incentive to daydream, also very popular for picnics! 🧺 Continue the walk, letting yourself be led by the flow of the river... On your rods, get ready, shoot! 🎣

Admire the nature that surrounds you! On your way, collect the most beautiful autumn leaves you find. This is also a great opportunity to start a herbarium. After all, it’s the simplest things that make us happy every day! 💐

fishing at the pond of the val de gravel in corseul

Gourmet getaway 

After this more than stimulating outdoor trip, sitting down with a good snack seems to be the logical next step! And the best place for that is Rémi’s tea room!

In a cozy and “so British” atmosphere, Rémi welcomes you warmly and offers you a whole host of snacks. There is something for everyone: tea, chocolate, coffee, pastries and sweets of all kinds. And all, home! 🧁

Discover Rémi's tea room!

cup of tea - salon de the chez remi

A night to sleep like a baby

🤫 Shhh, do you hear? Nope ? Then you've come to the right place! Here, the only noises you will hear are those of birds in the rising sun… There is worse noise disturbance, right? 🐤 After a good night's sleep lulled by the ambient calm, enjoy a hearty breakfast and a short walk in the surrounding countryside to start the day off right. In Corseul, many accommodations offer you a soothing setting, you just have to choose!

Find your ideal accommodation in Corseul


Maritime getaway: the sea, even in winter!

Need to take a breath of iodized air? You miss the sea air, and we understand you! Impossible for us to wait for summer to go back. 🌊 So cast off the sailors! Here is a program that will delight young and old alike. 

It's time to get wet!

We don't often think about it, but walking in the water is an activity that is more than beneficial for your health! 🦶 Although a bit refreshing, sea water is as effective for a good sports session as it is for disconnecting from the outside world. The opportunity to get closer to the surrounding nature and reinvigorate yourself! 💦

Water walking tempts you? Our partners will be delighted to accompany you: 

👉 Castin Penguins (aquatic health walk)

Alexandre Lamoureux

An alternative to swimming, to say the least… mind-blowing!

For those who want to get closer to the water without setting foot in it, it's possible! Try sand yachting to get your fill of thrills. Hair blowing in the wind, breathe in the fresh sea air and glide across the water at full speed... It's like shooting an action movie! 📹


Take a lesson with one of our partners!

👉 Avel Land Sailing (closed from November to February)

👉 Nautical club Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer (open all year)

👉 Fréhel Nautical Center (open all year)

A well-deserved snack at Éléonore

Head to the Les bonheurs d'Éléonore tea room to savor delicious savory scones, a hearty Sunday brunch and many pastries you won't know where to turn to! 🍰

This charming shop also houses very pretty decorative items to stock up on ideas. Leave with a personalized object or find the ideal gift that will delight one of your loved ones! 🎁

Find a little treasure to keep in a memory box! For artistic souls, draw the store and its wonders in your travel notebook. Who knows, maybe this is the start of a long career 🎨

Find out more! 

The Storytellers
Salon de The - The joys of eleonore

Seafood tasting for a local lunch

Didn't you think you'd visit Dinan Cap Fréhel without tasting the region's delicious oysters? 🦪 As you travel through Brittany, you will have the opportunity to discover different varieties, such as hollow, flat and horse's foot oysters. All these names mean nothing to you? No worries, the most important thing is to enjoy them. 😋 For the most gourmand among you, we recommend Breton oysters accompanied by shallot sauce and a good glass of white wine. A pure delight! 

Where to taste the best oysters in Brittany? 
Alexandre Lamoureux
Oyster tasting at Le Guildo

Following your maritime getaway, opt for accommodation close to the sea so you can breathe that salty air that you love so much as soon as you wake up! 

Discover all our accommodations!

Psst: In low season, some of the activities offered may also go on vacation! To not miss anything of the many treasures of Dinan Cap Fréhel, remember to check their availability. 😉

So which getaway is right for you? 🌊

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