Breton clothing: couple wearing sailor tops while holding hands!
Your new look made in Breizh from head to toe!

Breton clothing:

Fancy shopping? 🛍️ Our Breton creators have talent! From head to toe and down to your fingertips, meet passionate professionals where quality rhymes with beauty! Clothing and accessories for men, women, children... Opt for a total look made in Britain to be picked up directly in store or online. Spoiler alert: we've found THE sailor's shirt for you!

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A warm garment to face the winter in Breton style! 🧣

Admittedly, the climate in Brittany is rather lenient. But you know the saying: in April, do not discover yourself with a thread! So to avoid the classic winter cold, a little wool won't hurt. 😉

Direction Itoha's shop, a very atypical workshop located in a barge by the name of Donata, on the port of Dinan. A wide collection of clothing (nautical, but not only!) is available there: hat, jacket, jackets, scarves... Everything is made-to-measure and in fleece! No more excuses for walking around the region, even in winter! ❄️


📍 Barge Donata, 80 Rue du Quai de Dinan, 22100 DINAN

© Itoha
Man wearing a sailor jacket with buttons - Breton clothing, Itoha shop

Sweater and T-shirt: bring out the sailor in you! 👕 

You are not unaware that the marinière is THE essential garment to wear in Brittany. Round neck, V neck or boat neck... In sweaters, jackets, T-shirts, blouses and even blazers, the sailor style is available indefinitely, and for all prices! Rather the classic in white and blue or the revisited in color? You don't know which garment to choose? Don't worry, in Brittany we show great inventiveness to offer you the crème de la crème of products. ☝️

Sustainable and ethical: the sailor sweater & sailor top by Beaussais-sur-Mer!

Like any good self-respecting sailor (or sailor), all Bretons and visitors to the region must (yes, it is an obligation) to wear the marinière. ⚓

Public chat the Emerald Coast in Brittany, in Beaussais-sur-Mer, the pretty boutique Bay of Caps is the smallest national manufacturer of marine sweaters. And you know what they say: everything small is cute! In full wool to protect against the wind or in fine knit for more lightness, here, the marinière, and the Breton sweater in general are available throughout the year in the men's, women's and children's departments.

📍13 Rue du Colonel Pléven, Plouvalay,

Bay of Caps
Breton clothing: pretty sailor sweaters and striped sweaters at the Baie des Caps boutique!

The (big) +: cutting waste is reused in other companies and spinning mills are recycled. ♻️ Local, responsible and sustainable: what more could you ask for? On your marks, get set, shop!

In Dinan-Cap Fréhel, quality comes first!

In the heart of Brittany, carabiner is committed to imagining colourful, comfortable and adventure-creating clothing… Pure Breton products, finally! Whatever your style: sailor, sportswear or outdoor, let yourself be seduced by the quality and durability of this sailor's wardrobe, in Dinan. The design of this 100% made in Breizh collection is done in the Morbihan golf course. Clothing for men, women and children: the whole family has the right to its sailor! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

📍 7 Place des Cordeliers, 22100 DINAN

The (big) +: delivery in 72 hours top time! ⏱️

Unique and tailor-made pieces for an assumed femininity! 

In an original and warm universe, discover the creations in single model or small series of the concept store Mesketa. Skirt, shorts, jumpsuit, trousers, T-shirt... Find THE chic and timeless piece that will reveal your femininity, in quality fabrics! 👗

The bonus point: Estelle develops her ready-to-wear collection for women directly in Saint-Cast-le Guildo. Couldn't be more local! 😊

📍4 bis Boulevard Duponchel, 22380 SAINT-CAST-LE-GUILDO

© Mesketa
Mesketa shop front, women's clothing made in Brittany!

All the artillery to become a seasoned sailor!

Everything, everything, everything, you will know everything about the world of the sea! Direction the Counter of the Sea, you will stock up on marine products among the most beautiful brands in the region: fashion, fishing, boating, gastronomy, cosmetics, decoration… 🎣

The nationwide store supports the French artisanal fishing industry and offers a wide selection of professional quality items at unbeatable prices. 


© Counter of the Sea
Selection of marine clothing & marinières at the counter of the sea!

The (big) +: A last minute gift? 🎁 Le Comptoir de la Mer is coming to your rescue! Go to their online site for delivery within 48 working hours. Phew, you are saved! 

Little toes also spoiled! 🧦

Marie Prechac
Blue and white cloud pattern socks, designed in Brittany!

Solidarity socks, nice!

Being well-shod AND warmly is not always won! But when it's local and responsible, we sign immediately. These little marvels signed Josette & Tic are designed in Saint-Malo and are as cute as they are pleasant to wear. 🤗 A gift idea at a low price that always has its effect! So, which pair of socks will make you capsize?

📍14 Place des Cordeliers, 22100 DINAN


The (big) +: in addition to warming the feet, the Josette & Tic socks warm the hearts! For a pair of socks purchased = a donation made to an NGO! 🥰

Renouard leather goods
Leather bag and shoes from Renouard!

Leather in all its glory

That's it, the loop is complete! From head to toe, you were able to discover Breton clothing in its entirety. All you have to do is find the shoe that suits you! And that's good, the Renouard House offers ultra trendy models throughout the year. This luxury leather goods store offers ballet flats, loafers, boots, sneakers and even clogs! The list is long ! 👟 In its workshop-boutique located in Brittany, in Plancoët, Maison Renouard studies each product carefully: selection of quality leather, pleasant touch and durability of the material. Collections for men and women to be found everywhere in France! 📍

“Our collections are illustrated through subtle coordinates: handbags, small leather goods, shoes, belts, silk scarves, leather jewelry. Our leather goods are customizable because, in our opinion, luxury is not only evidenced by the quality, but also by the exclusivity, the rarity of the pieces you wear.”

📍Rue du Constable de Clisson, 22130 PLANCOËT

The (big) +: With its artistic soul, the Renouard house has been promoted with the “Living Heritage Company” label since 2017! And his passion is felt in his confections: handbags, shoes, belts and jewelry: there, you will discover leather in all its forms!

Bag and accessories, the detail that makes the difference! 👛

© C de Swan Leather Goods
Large collection of leather bags at Swan's C Boutique

Leather in all its forms! 

This is a message for all Mary Poppins in Brittany (and France)! To perfect your collection, a Breton bag and more particularly made in Plancoët is in order! The leather goods C. de Swan opens its doors to you to find THE bag that suits you. Original cuts, trendy colors and elegant patterns: you're ready for the day! 

📍 Place Chateaubriand, 22130 PLANCOËT

The (big) +: For the record, the plancoetine tradition of leatherwork has been applied in the workshop, next to the shop, for more than 25 years! An indisputable know-how that emanates from its high quality creations.

At Pear Tree Leather, is the story of a family tradition passed down from generation to generation. Here, everyone is of the same opinion: Clément's work overflows with love and passion! Handbag, belt, bag for musical instrument and other accessories are looking for a buyer in this small Dinannaise shop with a strong character! 

📍 3 Rue Jerzual, 22100 DINAN

A 100% marine bag, right from the start!

In Brittany, the marinière wins you over! And to be a sailor all the way (and in every sense of the word) the rendezvous is set: at the Châtelet workshop ! Go and discover Pauline's collection, which has the double cap of seamstress and sailor ⛵. From this dual activity come bags and objects made of recycled sailcloth… Just that! To visit at all costs!

📍8 Bis Rue du Châtelet, 22750 SAINT-JACUT-DE-LA-MER

Alexandre Lamoureux
Decoration, bags and accessories in recycled sail at the chatelet workshop!

The (big) +: “My creations give a second life to noble and unalterable materials, French weaving. The whole creative process is carried out by me, in my studio in Saint-Cast-le-Guildo”.

Upcycling, recycling and customization: the winning trio!

Want a unique and tailor-made product? Valérie has the solution, and what's more, it's eco-responsible! Beach etc. offers you to create your own bag, tote bag, or dirty laundry bag from local recycled fabrics. From the choice of color to prints and illustrations, everything is possible! In your opinion, yours will be the most beautiful? 🤭

📍 47 Rue de la Colonne, 22380 SAINT-CAST-LE-GUILDO

© Beaches etc.
Unique and tailor-made products at Plage etc.

A gem to end it all!

To complete your collection of accessories, deewi has more than one trick up its sleeve! Located in Dinan, this associative shop of Breton artisans gives you all the keys to accessorize your outfit with a pretty jewel or a handbag 💍! Fashion or decoration, Deewi is full of ideas to please you, or to spoil your loved ones! And that is priceless ! 😉

📍33 Main Street, 22100 DINAN

And there you have it, your wardrobe just has to look good, now all you have to do is choose! So, convinced by the style made in Breizh? We're waiting for photos of your best looks 😊

©Julie Beaulieu
Wide collection of jewelry at the Deewi store

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