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Weekend at Cap Fréhel

our top 5 outdoor activities

There's nothing like a breath of fresh air to enjoy the joys of Britain ! We tested 5 activities 100% natural to put on the program for your weekend in Cap Fréhel. Bike rides in majestic landscapes, introduction to golf or sand yachting... We promise you a good dose of inspiration for your green weekend!

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First stage

Between the two Capes

We start the weekend on the hats of wheels with Buckskin, On the Grand Site Cap d'Erquy – Cap Fréhel. On the handlebars of our electric bike, we admire the passing landscapes while listening to the anecdotes of our guide. All? Without making the slightest effort! It is not beautiful life!

Moorland, steep cliffs and sea as far as the eye can see… The setting is idyllic for a bicycle ride in Brittany.

If you have gathered the whole family for this weekend at Cap Fréhel, head to Sables-d'Or-les-Pins, where some strange racing cars await you. city ​​emblems, rosalies are somewhat original bicycles, which invite you to pedal in unison. 

Get on board and give a few pedal strokes to move along the beach or in the alleys of Sables-d'Or. An activity that will appeal to young and old alike! Ready to wet the shirt?

Simon Bourcier
Simon Bourcier

Our good addresses for your cycling weekend in Cap Fréhel

9 km on foot

on the customs trail

  • Plevenon

A weekend at Cap Fréhel was the perfect opportunity to walk the GR34, the emblematic path of Brittany, also called the Sentier des Douaniers.

Once the car was parked in the Fort La Latte car park, it took us 1h30 (photo breaks included) to reach the Cap Fréhel lighthouse, before turning around. On the way, the steep coastline dotted with flowering heather offers us a superb symphony of colors. We quickly understand why the GR34 was elected favorite GR of the French in 2018!

After 2h30 of walking, we can now affirm it: 9 kilometers on foot wears your shoes down a bit, but it builds your calves!

 The essential spots for your hiking weekend in Cap Fréhel:

Fort La Latte, an emblematic fortress of Brittany
La bird sanctuary on the road

Agency the storytellers

 The essential spots for your hiking weekend in Cap Fréhel 
  • Fort La Latte, an emblematic fortress of Brittany
  • The ornithological reserve on the way

Babor or starboard

leave from the right port!

  • Saint-Cast-le-Guildo

Le Fort La Latte still amazes us so much... So much so that we decided to contemplate it again, from the sea this time. Since Saint-Cast-le-Guildo set sail to discover the treasures of the Emerald Coast. 

Small confidential coves hide at the foot of the cliffs, only visible from the sea. You feel so small at the foot of these gigantic cliffs!

The walk offers a real concentrate of Brittany, from ornithological riches to geological curiosities, from small deserted beaches to forgotten fortresses.


Corsair Company

Our good addresses for your weekend in Cap Fréhel
  • The Compagnie Corsaire, for a trip departing from Saint-Malo, Dinard or Saint-Cast-le-Guildo
  • Emeraude Emotions, for a walk from the port of Saint-Cast-le-Guildo


First swing on the green

  • Sables-d'Or-les-Pins

Back on dry land, we push open the doors of the Sables-d'Or-les-Pins golf course for a spring initiation. While some are already perfecting their swing, others have never set foot on a green or a fairway. 

On the program for your dance on the green: 18 holes one after the other in a wooded setting, where it is as good to stroll as to play!

Who knows, maybe this weekend at Cap Fréhel will be an opportunity to reveal new talents in the family!

At Lamoureux

Our ideas for activities in Sables-d'Or-les-Pins for your weekend in Cap Fréhel 
  • Horseback riding in the lagoon with Sables-d'Or Horse riding 
  • Spread the towel on the beach for sunbathing
  • Reach the Saint-Michel island on foot, at low tide
  • Family fun on thePirate Islet
  • Challenge the waves by surfing or kite surfing in Fréhel or Plévenon
  • Kayaking in the lagoon of Sables-d'Or-les-Pins

Ronan Gladu
Ronan Gladu

Adrenaline, coastline and sand yachting!

The thermometer shows beautiful temperatures and the sun continues to shine: no time to lose to reach the Nautical Center of Fréhel! On the program for this weekend in Cap Fréhel: an introduction to sand yachting on wet sand.

Let's go ! The first sensations arrive immediately! It's like go-karting, with the beach as a track and the sea as a backdrop. The least we can say is that the adrenaline is there!

The most motivated end the day in the waves, balancing on their surfboards.

During this time, we contemplate the landscape from the hot sand! The sunset on the beach is undoubtedly the most beautiful moment of this weekend in Cap Fréhel.

Corentin Marzin

 Our spots to test sand yachting during your weekend in Cap Fréhel 
  • The beach of Sables-d'Or-les-Pins
  • The beaches of Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer
  • The bay of Mont-Saint-Michel

Want to test sand yachting? 

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