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The Maison d'Artiste de la Grande Vigne, looking out over the port of Dinan, was the home, workplace and inspirational setting for painter Yvonne Jean-Haffen (1895-1993), pupil and friend of Mathurin Méheut (1882-1958). Owned by the Town of Dinan and unique in Brittany, it first opened to the public in 1994. The villa, surrounded by its magnificent botanical garden, displays the painter's work in his own domestic setting. The collection contains such a wealth of paintings that a temporary exhibition can be held every year.

2011 Exhibition:
The Techniques of Yvonne Jean-Haffen
Yvonne Jean-Haffen was a complete artist. During her career, she explored a number of techniques which added to the diversity of her work. In 1925, her teacher, Mathurin Méheut, introduced her to the difficult technique of wood engraving, then in 1927, she began working in ceramics with Jules Henriot in Quimper. In terms of painting, Yvonne Jean-Haffen shared her teacher's preference for casein, a milk-based paint that she appreciated for its subdued, matt tones. Wood and lino engraving, ceramics, casein, wax crayon, pastels, gouache, fresco, etc. All these techniques can be seen this year in the work of Yvonne Jean-Haffen.


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