During a guided tour, let us tell you the story of our “not to be missed” sites : the medieval city of Dinan, the Cap Fréhel or the “Petite Cité de Caractère”, Léhon…

Schloss von Dinan

Re-opened to the public since June 2019, after a long period of restoration work, the {...}

Dinan, eine Stadt mit Geschichte und Kultur

A medieval citadel located at the bottom oh the Rance estuary which opens into the {...}

Genießen Sie die Ruhe in der Abtei von Léhon

Léhon, one of Brittany’s most beautiful „Small Towns of Character“. Léhon, located south of Dinan, {...}

Entdecken Sie das eindrucksvolle Cap Fréhel

When you reach Cap Fréhel there is not much to see at first but all {...}

Erkunden Sie Dinan mit der Bimmelbahn

You have less than an hour to discover Dinan ? Get into the touristic train {...}